Teacher Bio:
Watercolor artist David B Bailey was born and raised in Middletown , Ohio. Interested in art since an early childhood, He began to paint in earnest while in high school. After receiving several awards for his artwork around the Tri- State area, He went on to study at the Dayton Art Institute. It was not until the early to mid 90’s that David decided to take up watercolor. After years of study in this medium, he now teaches regularly & holds workshops. He has a genuine love of people and loves sharing and teaching others to paint. David’s comment: “Now, I would like to leave you with some deep statement of how the "early morning light that illuminates off of the morning dew inspires me to paint" or "how I combine deep atmospheric space with an energetically worked surface to create my paintings." But that is just not me. The bottom line is that I just love to paint. It relaxes me, it eases tension and it helps me to get away from it all. It also gives me a feeling of accomplishment to know that I have taken a God given talent to create something enjoyable for others to look at. With that said, I welcome you into my world of art. Look around, relax, and even ask questions if you like. My greatest hope is that you will enjoy looking at my artwork as much as I have enjoyed painting it. And I mean that with ALL OF MY ART ! “

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