Teacher Bio:
Cindy was born and raised in Albion, New York, transplanting to St. Augustine, Florida in 1982.  Cindy was 40+ years old before picking up a paintbrush for the first time and learned how to paint by watching Donna Dewberry’s Onestroke painting videos, and in 2005 became a certified One Stroke Instructor.  Since then she has added instructor certifications in Studio Clay, Home Dimensions, Glass Etching, Faux, Wall Mural and Furniture Home Professional.   She has continued her painting education with other well known artists such as Brenda Harris, Wilson Bickford, Dorothy Dent, Gary Jenkins, Este Rayle, and Marjorie Harris Clark along with many others to shape her extensive background and develop her own personal style.  Cindy worked full time in the banking industry while teaching painting and clay classes.  Combining her banking contacts with her painting she has completed volunteer activities  with the United  Way for local schools that have included wall murals as long as 110 feet.   Cindy is a firm believer that you are never too old or too young to learn to paint or work with clay.  Cindy is an avid photographer and enjoys traveling with her husband and small dog and many of her paintings are from photos taken during her travels. Cindy plans to retire from her banking career and travel teach on a full time basis as her “dream job”. 

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