Heather Redick – World of Color Expo
Teacher Bio:
I've been painting since the early 90's. Since then I've been lucky enough to travel the world, doing 'how to' seminars - places like Japan, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, USA. I have made so many wonderful friends through painting. My greatest joy has been to watch artists develop their skills before my eyes - to witness them as they realize just what they have accomplished!  I've written several books, hundreds of instructional packets, presented at trades shows all over North America, and worked with a variety of art material manufacturers.  Zhostovo florals has been a passion mainly because of the precise strokework and intricate borders involved.   I also love landscapes and have more recently enjoyed painting seascapes.  I work mostly in oils but many of the floral pieces are done with acrylic. I host workshops at my home in Zurich, Ontario and will travel just about anywhere to provide project or technique seminars - in oils or acrylic media.  I would love it if you would come and paint with me. I promise to share as much as possible with you and assist you on your road to your potential.

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