Teacher Bio:
Mexican artist and promoter of international culture with 23 years of experience in the world of decorative painting and handicrafts. He has participated in the most important conventions that have been made on this art in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, United States, Germany and, of course, Mexico where he is an important promoter of popular art Ukrainian through the technique called PETRYKIVKA, today considered as Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. This technique has been disseminated by the artist in his different seminars taught by Latin America, and through his work that has been presented in different galleries in Mexico. He has participated in various television programs always promoting the art, and the publication of his works in different specialized magazines in the subject of several countries have emphasized him within his branch. One of his works painted with the Petrykivka technique is permanently exhibited and is part of the collection of the Museum of the Society of Decorative Painters in Wichita, United States, of which he is member, piece that in addition to being published his magazine Was chosen as part of the 2015 calendar of the same Society. Since 2010 is part of the team of artists of the company Dynasty Black Gold being thus an excellent representative of the brand by several countries of Central and South America, giving demonstrations in each of the events in which it is presented. Today, and with modernity at the forefront, has a series of videos on social networks. Together, and with the support of the Ukrainian Embassy in Mexico, Miguel Rincon has had the opportunity to exhibit his work in venues of great importance to the City such as the Ollin Yoliztli Hall, the Government Palace of Mexico City With the work titled Ukraine in my Heart and the enclosure of the same Embassy to celebrate its Anniversary of Independence. In 2016, his complete work titled "Petrykivka: Ukrainian Ornamental Folk Art" was exhibited in the Museum of the First Printing House of America in Mexico City. Today, Miguel Rincón spreads art also in social networks and mass media, while still being a good promoter of the Petrykivka technique. Miguel Rincon friend of Ukraine, friend of the world

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