Teacher Bio:
Tatiana Sholokhova is one of the leading artists of the Russian craft that is called Zhostovo Decorative Painting. Tatiana was born in 1967 in the town of Dmitrov, in Moscow region. She graduated from Zhostovo faculty of Fedoskino Miniature Painting School. She’s been working in the craft since 1985. She is a member of the creative board at the Zhostovo factory. Tatiana Sholokhova is a member of the Russian Union of Artists. She teaches at the factory’s Art Lyceum. Tatiana is a participant of the Russian national and international exhibitions. She became a laureate of the New Names International Charity Program and took part in presentation of the Program at the Vatican. She was awarded with the diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts for her achievements in 1996. Tatiana Sholokhova works’ are recognized by their high professionalism, individual manner of painting, interesting coloristic and design solutions. The artist creates pieces of high artistic value in the classic style developing and enriching traditions of Zhostovo masters. Tatiana was given an honorary title of the Merited Artist of the Russian Federation in 2003. She teaches classes in Russia and abroad. Tatiana’s works are in museums and private collections in many countries around the world.

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