Teacher Bio:
For myself, I find it fascinating to take ordinary objects and have my audience see them in a different way. I do like to use a shallow depth of field, bird’s eye view, or some other interesting perspective to first draw attention to my paintings. Cropping is sometimes used to indicate that the objects keep going, but the spectators have the choicest view. Those views include strong shadows and reflections, which seem to enhance the objects. As a teacher, I like to help my students learn to observe those differences and then implement them into their paintings. My goal is not just to teach someone how to paint a lemon, but to paint one so that it looks enticing and draws in the viewer. I have an M.F.A. in Painting and you would think that’s enough, but I find myself excited about taking classes and learning even more. Teaching is also a great opportunity to learn, so you’ll see me doing both!

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